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All articles


Tap Water Filtration

Information on tap water filtration in Malta

9 articles
Government Grants on Water Filters in Malta

Information on Government Grants for Water Filters in Malta

1 article
EcoPro & EcoPro Compact

Help center articles on EcoPro and EcoPro Compact Water Filters in Malta

2 categories • 1 article

How to use your PitcherPro in Malta

2 articles

User guide to BottlePro in Malta

3 articles

User guide to ShowerPro Water filter in Malta

7 articles

User guide on TAPP Ultrafiltration in Malta

3 articles
TAPP Rewards

User guide to TAPP Rewards in Malta

4 articles
Orders and Payments

Order and Payment information for TAPP Water Malta

2 articles
Delivery & Returns

Delivery in Malta

3 articles
Social Impact

Our register of social impact in Malta

4 articles
Sustainability in Malta

A guide to our actions on sustainability in Malta

1 article

TAPP Water Filter Subscriptions Save You Money

1 article


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