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User guide to BottlePro in Malta


How do I use the BottlePro

Before using the BottlePro remove the filter inside and rinse under cold water for 30 to 60 seconds. We suggest you do not leave water standing in the BottlePro without use for more than 3 days. If you do not use your BottlePro for 3 days or more, th

Can I add electrolytes to the water

Yes you can, and these will not be filtered out. Activated carbon and the other stages used in BottlePro are generally not effective at removing dissolved ions, including the electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are f

How do I change the filter on BottlePro

Change the filter every 2 months or 150L on BottlePro in order to avoid bacteria building up inside the filter. Here is a video how to change the filter, it takes just in minute.