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Our register of social impact in Malta



Having an impact socially in Malta is at the heart of what we do. Where possible we will try and assist as our means and resources enable us to. We contribute bth time, connections, resources and money, it's not always about the money. In 2020 this i


We gave an annual TAPP 2 TWIST starter pack to Fondazzjoni St. Jeanne Antida for Sabina. We gave a second annual TAPP EcoPro starter pack for a family of 7 to Fondazzjoni St. Jeanne Antida in order to alleviate their stress caused by debt. The annual


We supplied 13 TAPP EcoPro Annual Refill packs to Fondazzjoni Sebh as part of our commitment to support 13 apartments in a shelter for the survivors of domestic violence at Dar Il-Miljh. These are annual support packages with our commitment to supply


In January 2023 we supplied a TAPP EcoPro with 4 extra filters for the Prevention Community Service  in Marsa run by Fondazzjoni Sebh whom we have been supporting since our launch in 2020. We currently support 13 apartments housing survivors of domes