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Information on tap water filtration in Malta


What contaminants are filtered by TAPP Water filters

ANTIBIOTICS/PHARMACEUTICALS. Based on tests performed on the type of activated carbon block used in TAPP Water filters pharmaceuticals are reduced by 95% or more. This includes: Hormones: prednisone, prednisolone, progesterone, testosterone and corti

What is the PH for Malta drinking water

TAPP EcoPro in Malta has been independently tested and the results are give in this article. The PH of the water from Malta public water supply was tested at 8.93 BEFORE filtration and 9.3 AFTER filtration. Read more about Malta's wonderful alkaline

Has TAPP Water been independently tested to work in Malta

TAPP Water filters have been independently tested in Malta and globally and you can read the full details of the tests in this detailed article. You can download the results of the independent Test results on Malta Public Supply here (In Spanish as w

Why is TAPP Water better than Reverse Osmosis

For a full analysis of why TAPP Water is better than reverse osmosis systems you can read our article:. https://tappwater.mt/pages/tapp-water-v-reverse-osmosis-in-malta. But here is a quick summary of the advantages TAPP has over RO:

Can i drink tap water in Malta

According to Water Services corporation you can drink tap water in Malta as it meets all EU and WHO standards. The fact is that most people do not like the taste, you can read more here. Thats why you can drink TAPP Water in Malta - the taste is guar

Can I use TAPP Water with my baby

We answer this by confirming that the founders of TAPP Water in Spain both have used TAPP Water filters with their babies and young children. Furthermore in Malta we offer this article by Maria Vella from Ikkuluriti the Eco Friendly Family store wher

Can I taste the water before I buy?

That would be ideal. To do a real taste test you need the water filter in your home and for a few days. That is why we offer a 45 day money back guarantee so you can order your filter, fit it easily at home and if anything is not right for you just r

How do I wash dishes after I fit a TAPP Water filter?

Just switch between filtered and non-filtered water using the switch on your TAPP.

Why must I change filters regularly?

The quality of your water and the efficiency of the filter’s filtration capacity can only be guaranteed for a usage capacity equivalent to 3 months (EcoPro & PitcherPro) or 2 months (EcoPro Compact or BottlePro). Our quality parameters for filtering