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User guide on TAPP Ultrafiltration in Malta


How do I fit the TAPP Ultrafiltration

The TAPP Ultrafiltration just takes a minute to install. You first remove the aerator in your tap, replace with an adapter (supplied) if required and attach the TAPP Ultrafiltration in place of the aerator. When you remove the aerator from your tap,

Has Ultrafiltration been independently tested?

Yes. Please find a link to the independent test results from November 2020 below. TAPP 1UF is the old name for TAPP Ultrafiltration which is independently certified to remove over 100 contaminants including 99.9% reduction for bacteria such as Clostr

How to change the filter on the Ultrafiltration

It's easy to change the filter on your TAPP Ultrafiltration. Just unscrew the filter casing and replace with a new filter.